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I love makeup. I know, shocker right? Uh no, not really. I've talked about beauty multiple times on my blog, and even have created a Youtube channel, and beauty blog completely dedicated to it. I'm no pro, and I usually stick to the same makeup routine, but I love everything there is about makeup. I love being creative, I love how it makes me feel and I love me some good makeup tools.

In high school, back before any of us had the beautiful realm of Youtube and makeup tutorials, everyone applied makeup with their fingers, and cheap applicators that were sold with eyeshadows. You know the ones I'm talking about, foamy, looked-more-like-a-q-tip-then-for-applying-makeup applicators. It wasn't until university that I bought my first set of makeup brushes (Real Techniques all the way baby!), and I've never looked back! Proper makeup tools make ALL the difference to makeup application!

With all this being said, another thing about me that will not be a surprise if you're a frequent reader is that I don't like spending a lot of money on things when I can find cheaper options. So when Real Techniques came out with their bold metal brush collection I immediately thought: "Drool!!!!!" and then I saw the price tag and was like: "no."

Now you're probably thinking: "Uh Bekah, these are the bold metal brushes." When in reality, they're not. Let me preface this by saying that I do not in anyway condone buying fake, knock off cosmetics since you literally have no idea what ingredients are in that shtuff. However, knock-off makeup brushes, I can't get enough of! First off, they aren't an exact replica. Second the quality doesn't even compare to the original (these are plastic not metal). I've ordered quite a few knock off makeup brushes from eBay over the past year, and I'm always impressed. Again, the quality of the handles are just going to be bleh, but the softness of the bristles are AMAZING!!!!!!

All this to say, if you are looking for a set of makeup brushes that has a brush for everything, and don't want to break the bank, then order these NOW! The price is unbeatable and I've been using them every single day!



We've been in our new place for almost 3 weeks now and I fall more and more in love with it everyday! The past month has been an absolute whirlwind of packing and moving and unpacking. Luckily we didn't have too much stuff, since we did a lot of downsizing while we were packing, so it wasn't a hectic move. It only took us about a few days to get the furniture built, and everything unpacked and organized. I hate living out of boxes so we worked like crazy to get everything set up.

It's been absolutely adorable watching Calvin explore and become familiar with the new space. Let's just say he adjusted way better than our cat did. Poor thing hid behind the upstairs toilet for a whole day. He's been taking 3 hour naps ever since we moved in because all the ups and downs on the stairs. We were a little worried at first, since he wasn't fully comfortable with going down stairs yet, but by the third day he got it all figured out. Now we don't have a mini heart attack every time he heads towards a staircase.

I have quite a few plans for some upcoming posts, since I've missed my little space on the inter web! Thanks again for your continued interest and support! ;)

A list of things I love about our new place:

// the people I share this home with



There is nothing more liberating than having a fresh haircut. I know, I know, I didn't do anything drastic, just the same old trim and style I've been going back to for years. But it still gave me a nice kick off to a new year. Even though I just got it cut, I'm already looking to get it dyed again. I've only had it done once, and it's coming up on a year, so I think it's time to freshen it up once spring hits. And that's what I wanted to talk about today. My hair. Don't you just love how random my blog has become? I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of liking it. Not having any schedules, or specifics topics. Just writing about what I want, when I want. I feel like over the past couple of months I've rediscovered blogging, and I love it.



Blouse by Zaful. It may be the middle of winter, but I'm busting out some spring pieces!!
A few years ago, a blog that I love reading, decided to have a word that she would live by for the year. After seeing her do this year, after year I thought it would be a fun little exercise for myself. This year the word that I want to focus on is: simplicity.

As many of you already know, a few months ago I started a beauty blog called The Simplicity File (shameless plug). As I began blogging, I came to realize how much crap I've accumulated over the years. I still love makeup, and I don't have near the collection of some people, but I have more than I need. I've been thinking about this more and more as I've been packing for our move.

I'm a routine person. I don't like change. When I find beauty products, and clothing that I like, I usually don't change them. I'll rotate through the same 10 pieces and hang on to the rest in the hopes of: "someday I may need that", but I never do.

So this year I want to simplify. I want to have less things. Although we may be moving into a bigger place, I want to have less than what we have now. I want to surround myself with things that inspire me and that I love. Not things that are trending on Pinterest, or in the blogging community. I want to focus less on what is in my home, and more on the people who live in it. I'm hoping 2017 will be a year of growth and simplicity.