I love that no matter which country I visit, I am still overwhelmed by the beauty and Spirit of temples.
Life is always full steam ahead, never stopping.
But once I step into the front doors, time seems to stand still.
All the worries and struggles of life go away and I get just a glimpse into eternity.

I am so glad Alex and I made the decision, before we had even met, that we would marry in the temple.
Neither one of us was willing to compromise on that.
That simple but significant decision has made all the difference.



Fall weather has arrived in Ottawa, and I am loving it!
Windows are wide open, boots and cardigans are being worn and the leaves are starting to change colour.
Even though this means winter is right around the corner, I still love this time of year.



My favourite drink on the earth is called a Lime Rickey.
It is a concoction created with Sierra Mist, raspberry syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice.
Heaven in a plastic cup.

I always have my favourite ice cream: Moose tracks.
This time, unfortunately (because of baby), my appetites are very random.
Food that I normally love, for the time being just make my stomach turn.
It kind of sucks.
Especially when I had to pass on my favourite ice cream.
Then again, it's worth it ;)



I like to call this little bump my "pooch". Still in the looks-like-she's-put-on-a-few-pounds stage
I am three years old.
I am helping my mom make cookies.
Since we're home alone, she gives me both mixer beaters so I can lick them clean.
I think I'm being super sneaky when I continue to scoop out a little dough and eat it, but I feel like she knew all along what I was doing and just let me have my fun.
Once the cookies are done, she pours me a glass of milk and we sit and eat a few.
We have countless home videos of me while I was a baby/toddler, but I think this is my very first memory, that was never caught on film.
I knew in that very moment, that I all I ever wanted to be was a mom.

March 2014
Alex and I had a plan.
We wanted to have a year of being newlyweds before we started trying for a family.
But as we begun to pray about it, we felt we needed to start trying a few months earlier than planned
For the first time in my life I was terrified with the idea of becoming a mother.
And that feeling made me realize it was time to start.
After a false alarm, I kind of just stopped thinking about it.

July 26 2014
Out of nowhere I turn to Alex and say: "Maybe we should buy a pregnancy test"
I'm not sure why I felt this way.
I didn't think I was pregnant.
Nothing felt different.
But we bought the test anyway.

July 27, 2014
7:15 am.
I go take a little tinkle, glance at the test after a few minutes and see: +
For the past year I have taken a grand total of 6 negative pregnancy tests.
I was so in the habit to seeing a negative that I was definitely not expecting a positive.
I burst into tears right then and there on the bathroom floor.
I run out of the bathroom and jump onto my sleeping husband screaming:
"WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!"
After a few minutes he finally comes to and we are giddy and excited.

I still feel like I'm dreaming.
That this pregnancy is all in my head, and there's no baby.
It's weird to think that the moment that I have been waiting and preparing for is finally here.
There's a little one growing inside me.
I get to be he/she's mom.