As much as I love trying new hairstyles, I get easily frustrated if they turn out to be too complicated or time consuming.
So I thought I would show you all a super quick and easy updo that I have been obsessed with recently.
Step one// I find this style works best with 2nd day hair that has loose waves (tutorial coming soon)

Step two// Grab a section of hair near the crown of your head and lightly backcomb

Step three// Centre part your hair starting below your ears. This way you don't have a part from the top of your head all the way down to your bun.

Step four// Braid both sections of hair. Lightly pull the braids to give them more texture.

Step five// Take one braid and twist around one time so the braid lays flat against your head. Pin in place.

Step six// Wrap the end of the braid underneath the section you just pinned down.

Step seven// Repeat on the other side

Step eight// Continue to pin where necessary.

This hairstyle looks great with with a centre or side part. I personally like to have a few pieces pulled out to frame my face.

Hope you enjoy!



Alex made we wait until the first official snowfall to put up the Christmas tree.
Luckily it happened this past Sunday, so I didn't have to wait too long.
Winter is already in full swing in Ottawa.
Bitterly, bitterly cold and already slushy after only one snow fall.
But so far I'm actually loving it (surprisingly)
It's getting more and more excited for Christmas and go on a little vacation to visit family.


I started writing this post yesterday evening.
An event has occurred that has left both Alex and I pretty mad and exhausted.
I make it sound like the end of the world, when it reality it's not a huge deal.
Well it is to us.

Last year we bought a pre-lit Christmas tree.
Sammy would constantly play with it and the branches would fall down.
We've noticed over the past week that because they fell down so much last year, they just fall down by themselves now.
So we assumed Sammy wasn't the problem.
Let me emphasize again that we purchase a pre-lit tree.

Last night we heard something at about 12:30.
Alex runs out to the living room to find that Sammy had completely bit through the cord you need in order to plug the tree in.
Needless to say, our tree now does not light up.
Not only did we spend quite a bit of money on this tree, but now I feel that the whole "magical" aspect of a Christmas tree is gone.

It may sound pathetic, but let me explain.
I have countless memories of the Christmas season of me lying on my couch, all lights off, except for the Christmas tree, having my parent's tell (over and over again) stories from when they were children.
I always loved those moments.
The world just seemed to stand still.
It felt like Christmas would last forever.
And now because of our stupid cat, I don't have that.

Sorry Sammy, I do love ya.
But man, sometimes you're not all angel.



How far along are you? 22 weeks. Officially over half way there (well that is if baby arrives on schedule)

Due date: March 25th. Seems like forever away, but I'm sure it will fly by, especially since the past 3 months have!

Weight gain: 15 lbs. 5 pounds up since my last bumpdate...which I hate to admit was only two weeks ago. I blame it on the Halloween candy. It was bad!

Sleep: As I mentioned in a previous post, it's a major struggle at the moment. I'm super restless and am exhausted all the time

Movement: This little man has finally made an active appearance when it comes to movement. I felt my first flutter at about 18/19 weeks, but his movement are now very noticeable and distinct. I usually feel them in the evening, once I've relaxed and come home from work. I sit down and boom he skirts around. Loving every minute of it!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular anymore. Now and again I want something specific, but for the most part my appetite is just back to normal. Which is nice, since I had a few months where all I could eat was hummus and pita.

Favourite moments: (1) Having little conversations with him. Alex and I have started the habit of talking my stomach and I love it. (2) Having people at work comment on how much I've popped in the past 3 weeks. I'm happy to say that so far all the weight gain has literally been in the belly (well and boobs if I must be honest..tmi? ah well)

Happy or moody? Let's just say sob fest. It doesn't take much for me to cry these days.

Looking forward to: (1) Finishing work. My last day is December 23rd, and although it kind of scares me being out of work, I am ready to completely focus on this pregnancy and getting things ready! (2) Alex being able to feel the baby move. So far all the movement has been internal, so I can't wait for him to see/feel what I've been feeling for the past few weeks!



Growing up, people always used to think my family was crazy for putting our Christmas tree up the first week of November.
Apparently now it's "cool" to put your tree up early.
Sorry for bursting everyone's bubble, but the Wagner family is cooler than your family (well in regards to Christmas that is)
This time of year has always been my favourite. 
The smells, the food, the decorations, the movies, the music, the family time, the everything!!!

Also I must mention how beautiful it feels to hold little baby Adelaide.
Of course I'm having more tender feelings than usual when it comes to babies simply because it's becoming more and more real to me that in a few months I'll be holding our own little bundle.